Government Shutdown: The Tea Party Selfishness

sorry we're closed signRepublicans are already saber rattling about pushing America into another government shutdown much like they did in the 90’s with former President Bill Clinton. One has to wonder just what the GOP has learned from their failed attempts to tar and feather a president with such antics. One has to also wonder just what the GOP figures it will achieve by shutting down the government and risking alienating more voters than it already has since Obama’s reelection in 2012. The GOP was blamed heavily in the 90’s when they pulled this stunt with Bill Clinton twice. These same congressional Republicans are facing the lowest approval ratings in the history of congress while facing reelection in 2014 mid-term elections. The best thing (politically) that could happen for Obama is for the GOP to shutdown government once more. It would only make opposition to the GOP more resilient than it already is and could pose a major problem for the GOP in 2014 as voters become more and more disgusted with GOP obstructionist tactics.

Americans have overwhelmingly voiced their disgust with the GOP house in the last few years for failing to work with Obama on meaningful solutions for the country’s problems. The house, with a record low approval rating of only 10 percent speaks volumes to the discontent raging amidst the American political pulse these days. Sure most folks may not vote their congressman out of office in 2014, but there is sure to be some hotly contested races and primaries and Democrats are certain to etch into the GOP majority. Furthermore, Democrats are likely to have a better position of holding on to the Senate even in tight races if the GOP pushes for a government shutdown. One has to ask themselves what would the GOP have done if Democrats in congress during G.W. Bush’s presidency had tried to use a government shutdown to defund the Iraq war. Instead of offering up real solutions to problems with Obamacare and accepting it for what it is, the GOP thinks somehow all the obstructionism in the world will make it go away. Nobody doubts Obamacare has its problems but it is a start –something the GOP has nothing to counter offer with to the president or the American people.

The only thing that the GOP will achieve by pushing for a government shutdown is to hurt the most vulnerable people of all and also federal workers and people who depend on the federal government’s full faith and credit. Just when the economy is beginning to inch itself back –a shutdown would risk throwing all the gains (however minute) right out the window and for what? The GOP needs to stop pandering to the wealthy and moneyed special interests bent on extremist policies and start listening to pulse of everyday American’s if it wants to get people behind them. Unfortunately, it seems with the tea party takeover of the GOP in recent years this just seems impossible for anyone to imagine. The GOP these days is just plain scary if not downright dangerous and do not think a large segment of voters do not know it, hence the Obama victory in 2012. The GOP is undoubtedly not a “Grand Ole Party” anymore.

Obama and congressional Democrats may have some problems in their leadership and their policy ideas but the GOP has absolutely nothing to offer but the same old failed ideas of the past and regressive policy that would only drive America further into the dark abyss where it sits today. One has to wonder if this is exactly what the extremist in the GOP want exactly. The only way America will realize its golden era again is when both the GOP and Democrats come together in a sincere manner and in a graceful manner (not the bitter tea party manner) to build real solutions that borrow from each other’s best ideas and recognize that all Americans matter, not just a select few. The problem today is that the GOP is consumed by their often ignorant and selfish and simplistic, if not outright mean spirited tea party folks who think only in terms of their own sub reality outside the mainstream and outside sincere inclusion.

The founding fathers of America were often heated and sometimes a little ugly but they always carried with them a certain grace and spirit for the greater public good and some good old fashion personal manners. You will not find this kind of thing with the GOP today or the Tea Party folks who have taken over the GOP. The push and shove and want to run over everybody else who disagrees is a plague with the GOP these days. Instead of trying to work with each other, the GOP has forced everyone else in a fox hole under big guns. It is a sad state where American Democracy is being held hostage to moneyed special interest and the selfish wealthy at the cost of the middle class and the poor and just about anybody else who might murmur remote disagreement. This dysfunction cannot go on forever if America is to once again realize its golden era when folks had good jobs, good salaries and life was affordable for working folks and the poor had safety nets to keep them above pure destitution and the street.


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